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Dr. Cristina Alekseyenko, DO

Family Medicine

Dr. Cristina Alekseyenko, DO, brings a unique blend of heritage and dedication to her practice. Born to Cuban parents in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, she has remained a lifelong Floridian. Committed to her family, she is happily married to her beloved husband, Konstantin, and is the proud mother of two remarkable children, Konstantin (KJ) and Elliette. Her family's journey led them to Palm City, where they sought refuge from the frenetic pace of urban life, establishing roots in this welcoming community.

Dr. Alekseyenko is driven by an unwavering passion: delivering exceptional medical care to her cherished community. Her mission is to break free from the burdens of corporate medicine, returning healthcare to a more personal, patient-centric approach reminiscent of the "good old days." She envisions a partnership where you can reach out to your doctor directly, whenever you need them most, and have the flexibility to secure same-day or next-day appointments. In addition, you can easily communicate through text, email, or even share photos of health concerns without the necessity of an in-person visit.

Above all, Dr. Alekseyenko aspires to be more than just your healthcare provider; she aims to become an integral part of your family. Count on her as a trusted partner in guiding your health and lifestyle decisions, ensuring your well-being with the care and attention you deserve.

Dr. Cristina Alekseyenko, DO
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