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Dr. Reynold Duclas Jr., MD

Anesthesia & Pain Management

Introducing Dr. Reynold Duclas Jr., MD, MBA, a distinguished member of the Choice Wellness Suites!

Dr. Duclas is a Mayo Clinic and UM trained, board-certified Anesthesiologist specializing in Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management. His unique blend of classical allopathic anesthesia training and homeopathic approaches has led to the development of a non-opioid, non-surgical methodology for treating pain through his venture, Lazer4Pain, LLC.

Utilizing the transformative power of photomodulation via MLS Laser therapy and personalized treatment plans, Dr. Duclas assists patients in swiftly recovering from injuries, surgery, and chronic pain. His approach represents a forward-thinking path in pain management that traditional medicine is yet to fully embrace.

Having overcome chronic pain himself, he's living proof that his methods work. Now, he's driven to offer this alternative treatment to others, especially at a time when many are concerned about the risks of opioid medications.

Discover a realm of pain management that prioritizes your well-being and stands at the forefront of medical innovation. Learn more about Dr. Duclas' revolutionary services at or call 561-675-0277.

Dr. Reynold Duclas Jr., MD
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