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Welcome to Phipps Health and Wellness, where Dr. Virginia C. Phipps spearheads a practice dedicated to preventive and general healthcare in the community of Jupiter, FL. Boasting 22 years of extensive experience, Dr. Phipps is not only a board-certified internal medicine physician but also holds certification in functional medicine. Her commitment to refining her skills as an independent contractor over the past 16 years reflects a deep dedication to providing exceptional healthcare.

Dr. Phipps' journey as a locum tenens physician involved working across diverse medical facilities, bringing a fresh perspective as a "new set of eyes" to identify inherent fallacies in the practice of medicine. Her instructional prowess extends to her roles as a teacher at Rutgers University — Newark, where she pursued her master's degree, and as an instructor of medicine at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine from July 2003 to September 2007.

Since 2007, Dr. Phipps has been actively involved in teaching interns, residents, and physician extenders during her various hospital employments. The culmination of her experiences led her to open her own health and wellness practice, providing unique opportunities for disease prevention and health promotion.

Explore the diverse offerings at Phipps Health and Wellness, encompassing conventional medicine that employs scientific research for diagnosis and treatment, utilizing lifestyle modifications and prescription medications. Dr. Phipps specializes in functional medicine, addressing the root causes of symptoms and disease through lifestyle modifications, nutrition, and nutraceuticals as needed.

Additionally, Dr. Phipps offers hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for both women and men, addressing hormonal imbalances during menopause or andropause. Her practice also includes medical marijuana certification for specific medical issues, such as PTSD, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain syndrome, seizure disorders, loss of appetite, and HIV/AIDS.

Experience innovative care with Emsella Chair, a high-frequency magnetic treatment addressing various pelvic floor dysfunctions, including incontinence, prolapse, and prostate problems. This cutting-edge treatment is available for both women and men, showcasing Dr. Virginia Phipps' commitment to holistic and comprehensive healthcare.

Contact Information:
To learn more about the services offered by Dr. Phipps or to schedule an appointment, please visit her website or contact her office at 484-626-1279 or 561-768-9722.

Dr. Virginia C. Phipps, DO, MS

Internal & Functional Medicine
Phipps Health and Wellness
Suite 4
Dr. Virginia C. Phipps, DO, MS
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