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Welcome to Choice Wellness Suites, where we bring together a diverse group of skilled wellness practitioners dedicated to your health and well-being. One of our esteemed practitioners is Kris Biegel, a holistic provider specializing in a range of treatments designed to address your health concerns.

Kris offers expertise in adjusting, myofascial work, taping, cupping, and other modalities to provide comprehensive care. With a passion for health and wellness that was ignited during his time in the US Marine Corps, Kris brings a wealth of experience and dedication to his practice.

After honorably discharging from the military, Kris pursued a degree in Kinesiology at The Pennsylvania State University, where he also built a successful career in personal training. He then relocated to Florida to earn his Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine. During his studies, Kris completed an internship at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois, further refining his diagnostic and treatment skills.

At Choice Wellness Suites, we are proud to have Kris Biegel as part of our team, offering exceptional care to help you achieve optimal health. Visit us to experience the comprehensive, personalized care that Kris and our other wellness practitioners provide.

Contact Information:
Phone: 561-223-3670

Kristopher Biegel

Elite Performance Chiropractic
Suite 16
Kristopher Biegel
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